Powerful, Transformative, Personalised Clearing Programs

Heal the wounds blocking you from living your best life, develop your natural skills, abilities and confidence and fold into a heart-based place so that you can start living in the love frequencies. 

I use techniques that can break through stuck karma, heal your energy field and give you the tools and mindset and empowerment to create phenomenal change.

We work together 1-2-1 for several weeks. Please see which programme is the best fit for you below. Single sessions also available.

compassion key
I used to offer free consultations to new clients. It was an opportunity for my clients to talk about their struggles, and for me to explain what I do and how the processes I use can help them overcome their childhood wounds, karmic imprints, and limiting negative beliefs.
But, because everyone is so, very different, with unique gifts, purpose and needs, I figured it was much easier to show you what I do during a session together instead.
By offering you your first session at a huge discount, you can actually feel the breakthroughs and shifts experientially before you decide whether to enrol in a full 1:1 clearing program.
This is much better than a 20  minute chat!
how to clear karma
 If you are struggling to manifest the life you want to be living, or you find yourself attracting the same old damaging relationships, failures or hardships, it is because you have a wound, or a trauma sitting somewhere in your system.
This can be subconscious or energetic. It can even be from a past life (yes, this happens).
This wound acts as a lens through which you project your true self through, out into your physical reality, and magnetises ‘evidence’ to prove to you that that reality is the only true thing. Which it is not.
You can:
a) try to force new beliefs into your system to put a new lens over the old one, which sometimes works if you are … forceful!
b) remove the wound, remove the lens and watch the lower frequencies leave, opening you up to a brand new reality.
heal your wounded heart

Work with me personally for 12 weeks to heal your heart’s wounds on an energetic and karmic level.

The techniques I use overhaul existing belief systems and get to the energetic and karmic cause. We look at when these wounds first started appearing and apply some powerful techniques to clear them.

I work with techniques such as self-directed compassion, energy healing and intuitive coaching.

You’ll be given meditations and exercises to do in between each of our sessions together.

  • Imagine what your life would be like if you could be rid of the fear of abandonment. What would you be accomplishing, or how would you be showing up differently in relationships?
  • How much more would you trust life and go for your big dreams if you had removed the fear of betrayal from your system?
  • What level of enjoyment would you get from your friendships? 
  • What fun would you be having without carrying all this heaviness around?
I believe that living from a heart-based place, living in the love frequencies is the most natural thing for us, as human beings, to be doing.
psychic development training

An 8 week programme to clear common blocks like; fear of using your gifts, being excluded or judged, fear of being persecuted or maybe even fear about what spirit actually is (because many people hold a subconscious belief that it’s dark or should be feared). So that you can figure out what your gifts are and use them to benefit your life and the lives of others.

By the end of our time together, we will have worked on all the major blocks that most people have in a personalised way, cleared any blocks specific to you and your Soul’s situation, and I’ll also teach you how to tune in, speak to your guides and feel energy along the way.
We will take a look at some of the techniques you are already using and tweak them to suit you. We will look at what’s not working and get them back online, whilst moving towards a clear intention or goal that you set for yourself at the very beginning of this process.
If you would like to clear these fears and wounds at the deepest level possible, and really get going with your psychic development, then I invite you to sign up for this 8 week transformational programme
how to find your life purpose
release meditation blocks