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Are you looking for help to create lasting change on both a conscious and unconscious level? Perhaps you’re stuck with something going on in your life and you’d like to make a shift? Maybe you want to come into alignment with your very best self? Feel happier and be moving towards goals that are important to you? Or, perhaps you’d like to experience the higher emotions more consistently and be less reactive to the stresses and strains of everyday life?

I use a combination of powerful techniques to help my clients move from where they are, to where they would prefer to be. This is effective, solution focused, future focused therapy, so you can be sure that we will not focus on the past and pick things apart.

I offer an empowering combination of mindset-shifting tools, relevant theory and research explaining the science behind why we feel the way we do sometimes, meditation, breathing exercises and positive (non-regressive) hypnotherapy.

We will work together in a more holistic way and create change at the subconscious level, all the while increasing your confidence and motivation, accelerating your feelings of authentic positivity and helping you to significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels with the view to preventing you from reverting back to old patterns which cause problems and misery.

I want the changes you feel to be permanent in nature. The benefits you will feel will be cumulative and strong momentum will be built up as we progress through the weeks of therapy.

I offer a free initial consultation by Skype or via phone. You can book yours by filling out the form below or emailing me:

An online therapy session will last for 60 minutes and I can advise you how many sessions you may require during your free initial consultation. For effective change to take place, it’s usually a lot shorter than standard therapy and you’ll be looking at participating in around 6 – 12 sessions.

Individual online therapy sessions are priced at £60/ $75 or you may wish to invest in a block of six sessions which is priced at £300/ $375. You can purchase these in the Shop section of my website.