soul coaching

Smile. This Is Light Work.

For many years, I thought I was my mind.

And when I trained as a therapist I became very well-versed in the intricacies of the inner workings of the brain. Anxiety, depression, stress, negative beliefs and thinking habits all form from the mind, for the mind. The modality I practiced saw many great results with clients, helping them move to a better place and make big improvements in how they felt day-to-day.
But although many symptoms were removed, and things got better, there was still a deep underlying unrest in many of the people I worked with.
There is a whole other dimension of human experience missing from these practices.
I realized that we are more than our minds, but we have been taught that we are not.
I couldn't carry on with what I was doing and so what developed over the next few years was a series of techniques which incorporate the whole person. To realign their mind and connect them back to their soul. The real them. Their energetic self. The bigger part of them.

Enter 2020.

This world is changing rapidly and I believe now more than ever it is important to be all that we really are, and recognize that the power we hold within us comes from expressing our soul. I believe that this is what ascension really is.
We are physical beings. Our dense bodies are filled with a high vibrational consciousness. Ascension is not existing on some other etheric plane, desperately trying to leave our physical life as often as possible. Ascension is about integrating our spirit, our soul, with that physicality that we experience as human beings.

My Soul Coaching Program. Effortlessly Glide Through Ascension.

I've put together a 10 week Soul Coaching program and I have a small amount of space for new clients. If you're serious about shifting to a better place, if you can put in a 60 minute call with me once a week and if you can commit to the meditations and practices in-between sessions, then please get in touch with me.
This is what I look forward to taking you through:
  • Learn how to activate positive emotional states and higher energies.
  • Learn breath work, meditation and how to manage your emotional energy.
  • Learn how to deal with stress, bad sleep and negative programming.
  • Learn how to operate from your heart and soul-state, instead of your lower energies, beliefs and emotional decision making.
  • Learn how to be in your body not your mind and feel your energy flow.

There are two parts to this program:

In Part 1 we clear, reset and re-calibrate.

I take you through this process and teach you some techniques to do this work. I will support you all the way and it's not as grueling as it sounds. Not at all actually.

In Part 2 we get you to activate, develop and embody your soul state.

I teach you some more techniques and you get to feel into your soul, feel good and create a new soul-based vision for your life so you can move forward embracing the totality of you.
Personal investment £800.
You will also get a free copy of my book Gratitude Journal: 100 Days Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life and two free months subscription to the growing body of content within my Membership Portal.
Click the gold button below and send me a message to let me know that you want to sign up.
Instalment plans can be arranged, please contact me.

What Is The Soul State?

When someone is operating from their soul state as opposed to their personality state, they will be beautifully aware of their energy, the energy around them and the energy of others. When someone is operating from their soul state, they will view situations from their soul and not their personality state. They will make decisions with their soul and not through fear or ego.
They will see other people through the eyes of their soul, through the eyes of love and be more in tune to the other person's soul instead of their projections and personality. This will lead to more harmonious relationships and less-reactive dynamics.

When a person is operating from their soul state, they will smile. A lot.

They will naturally operate from a place of love, a place of peace and delight in feeling joy most of the time about most things. This is not to say that we will never experience anger, despair, hurt or any of those other emotions, but what will happen is that someone operating from their soul state will recognize these emotions and the energy that they are creating and work though them, not hold onto them, let them flow out of their field just as effortlessly as they flowed in.
A person operating from their soul state will have nothing to gain from holding onto these emotions, no need for attention, no need for excuses, no need for anything, no secondary gains whatsoever. They will accept full responsibility as a conscious creator for these unwanted states and do the necessary work required to move to a better place.
A person operating from their soul state will naturally embrace all aspects of their divine characteristics, their creativity without judgement on themselves as to how good they are, their friendships, their romantic relationships, their work. A person in a soul state will naturally put their soul into these things as opposed to their ego. They will want these areas of their lives to be the best they can be for all involved.
Every relationship will be deeply loving, whole and nourishing for both people. Every creative project they embark on will be deeply loving, whole and nourishing for themselves and others. Every minute they put into work, whether that is their soul purpose, their service or just their regular job will be conducted from a different place, energetically and emotionally.

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