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Unwind – Learn how to Reduce Stress, Worry & Negative Thinking


Join me on this deep-dive adventure into relaxation and the brain.

We will look at what stress, anxiety and negative thinking are and learn practical techniques to help manage or quieten them down. 

This is a six-week course featuring interesting lectures and practical exercises. We will be learning calming breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness techniques and you will have a specially created hypnosis track to listen to each day before bed to relax you and put your brain into the REM state.

I’ll be showing you which parts of your brain create negative thinking patterns and how to switch them off, I’ll be teaching you about the nature of stress and the physiological effects of the exercises we’ll be working through, I’ll be showing you how to empty your ‘Stress Bucket’… all while working towards measurable happiness goals.

You will have a great toolkit to use every day to keep your stress levels low and use during difficult times. You can revisit this course any time you are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

These are techniques I have used with my private clients in the past and they really work. Everyone found an improved level of happiness and found they had more control of their stress response and negative thinking habits. Many of my clients had miraculous breakthroughs and really turned their lives around.

It’s my hope that you’ll be feeling really good by the end of it!