experience oneness

A Powerful Oneness Experience

Have you ever experienced true oneness?

I used to understand the concept of oneness but it wasn't until I started meditating daily that I ever felt it. But when I did, it was fleeting. I couldn't understand how our most natural state of all was so hard to locate. How could I experience oneness? How could I really FEEL what oneness felt like, whenever I wanted to? 

We have, on the whole, become completely disconnected from this feeling of oneness. It's there, somewhere in our DNA and our subconscious, but most people don't have the conscious frames of reference and the memory of the feeling of oneness to be able to access it with ease.

But When You Do, Magical Things Happen:

  • You begin to feel whole.
  • You feel connected to everyone and everything.
  • You change how you interact with other people.
  • You realise you can achieve anything because everything is a vibration of source... and so are you!

Maybe Oneness Can Heal The World Too?

What would happen if everyone on the planet experienced oneness much more often?

  • There would be less fighting and more equality, because everybody would recognise that they are all one anyway.
  • Everybody would be able to create whatever they needed for themselves because everything is an expression of source energy.
  • There would be no more struggle, because we would all feel more whole, more complete, more at peace.

I passionately believe that practising oneness is one of the most healing things that we can do.

So I Have Created A Powerful Oneness Activation For You!

I want you to FEEL oneness, so that you can start to truly integrate it into your life. 

This has taken some time to create, because I wanted it to be as powerful as it could be. I call this an activation because I lead you through different states of existence and make you aware of your consciousness in each. Whilst doing this you are being led through powerful visual prompts to really FEEL the oneness. I've layered the relaxing vocals with beautiful music, theta waves and a really effective subliminal mantra - " The Oneness In Me Sees The Oneness In You " (just so you know what I'm saying!)

Once you have been activated (and I recommend you complete the activation every day until the visuals and FEELING of oneness is as strong as you can make it - remember we've got thousands of years of negative programming to undo!) then you will much more easily be able to access the feeling of oneness during your normal meditation practice and you'll be able to click in with it much more easily when going about your normal daily life. The more you do it, the more it will move to the forefront of your awareness. 

experience oneness

Download The Oneness Activation Now

Purchase The Oneness Activation and  you'll get a colourful MP4 version and a MP3 track which you can download to any device and listen to when relaxing or drifting off to sleep at night.