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Soul Unlimited 12 Week Coaching Program 

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Do You Ever Feel Like You’re Living Somebody Else’s Life?

I bet you will already have had an inkling about what your full, beautiful, expressive potential is. But you might be feeling that no matter how hard you try, or how much deep, inner searching you do… you just can’t seem to get there.

A few years ago, I was in that place. I had everything I thought I always wanted. On paper, things were looking pretty good… but there was something missing.

I knew there was more to life here on Earth, but I didn’t know what it was, or how I would find it.

Then, I lost everything.

And I plunged into my dark night of the Soul.

It’s a long story, so I’ll keep it brief… but eventually I had to surrender to everything that was going on. I unlearned everything I had learnt about life so far and stopped running away from the biggest thing I was scared of… my spiritual nature and my gifts. It was a long and painful process, but a brilliant gift sat waiting for me on the other side.

Here’s What I Discovered…

Your Soul wants to express itself in physical form. It has all the answers, all the wisdom and all the capability to easily achieve its desires. These TRUE desires are the things you are looking for in order to reach fulfilment. These things drive you to grow and seek meaning. Your Soul already decided what sort of high-vibrational life you would live if you didn’t put any blocks there. In fact, your Soul already knew what life path it wanted to follow, what skills and qualities you would allow to flow and how you would bring more light and love to the planet. In short, your Soul wanted to stop existing separately in a far-off place from you, and become one.

The Only Thing That Gets In The Way Is Our Misalignment.

We all have these human beliefs and stories that force us to create unhelpful rules and limitations.

It’s Time To Free Yourself.

It’s time to express your highest frequency, just as your Soul intended. It’s time to live a life packed full of Divine potential.

Imagine knowing what your very best life path was. Imagine waking up each day feeling completely aligned and motivated to express your true purpose and potential.

What Are You Really Capable Of?

I can help you to remove all of your limiting beliefs and create a RADICALLY different experience for yourself. I can help you to understand why all these things happened in your past and see them from the perspective of your Soul and clear them for good.

intuitive coaching package

Soul Unlimited 12 Week Coaching Program

Intuitive Soul Coaching...
My name is Natalie Louise Fox and I’m an intuitive life coach.
I use a mixture of coaching skills and intuitive awareness to guide my clients into living their lives from a Soul-based perspective.


A Unique Approach To Life Coaching 

Before I had my big breakthrough, I worked as a psychotherapist using solution-focused techniques and hypnotherapy. I helped many people overcome their challenges over the years, but I knew there was something missing. I knew that even though the techniques I was taught and used in my practice were getting amazing results… my clients could have gone further and become much more fulfilled.

That missing something was a connection to the most intrinsic part of them. I stepped away from only working with the mind and concentrated on the whole person; the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic aspects. Now I work with people that have a drive to connect to the highest part of themselves and start expressing it out into their lives. I guide my clients into living their lives from a Soul-based place.

Let’s Work Together On This.

Can you give me 12 weeks of time and dedication to your own growth in order to break through and create incredible transformation?

During our time together, we will:

  • Bring your emotional body, your physical body, your mental body and your energetic body into balance.
  • Uncover your hidden beliefs and limiters.
  • Rewrite your past and begin to create your new, empowered future from this perspective.
  • Find meaningful goals designed to express your Soul and break-free of limiting paradigms.
  • Look at possible future timelines and hop on the right one.
  • Learn how to tune into your intuition and listen to your Soul-voice in order to make better, Soul aligned decisions.
  • Feel super-motivated to create your new life.

How much change could you create with 12 weeks of positive, empowering, intuitive coaching with me?

We are going through a global paradigm shift here on Earth and I truly believe as everything is polarising more and more, that those of us that align with the higher frequencies are capable of achieving some truly amazing things… personally, spiritually and in service of humanity.

What Sort Of Life Do You Want To Create For Yourself?

Here’s what you’ll get in my Soul Unlimited Signature Coaching Package (investment only £888):

12 weekly sessions

Voxer support in-between sessions

Life-changing coaching and intuitive guidance

Full access to my Luminous Journaling program & meditations

Are You Ready To Create Your Reality From This High Vibrational Place?

Click the gold button below and you’ll be taken to my payment page (instalments available, please contact me).

After you’ve signed up, I’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know you and tune in intuitively to how I can serve you best. Once I have your answers, I’ll direct you to my online calender, where you can book time-slots for our sessions to suit you.

I can’t wait to get started, can you?