Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy stop smoking

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking can be very effective. In fact, a recent study has shown that patients treated with one stop smoking hypnotherapy session were more likely to be non-smokers at 6 months compared with patients that use nicotine replacement therapy, or try to quit with just will power alone. The study showed that stop smoking hypnotherapy was three times more effective than NRT alone.

Stop smoking expert Alan Carr states that you can’t treat a nicotine addiction with nicotine.

Hypnotherapy has a high success rate in helping people quit smoking. I offer a one-off stop smoking session in which I talk you with you about your motivations for quitting, discuss how the brain works in relation to addiction and how you can gain control over the part of you that wants to smoke. The hypnosis part of the session will go on slightly longer than normal as I will add in a special and very effective stop-smoking script. You’ll leave a non-smoker and have a free CD to take with you to manage your stress levels for the future.

If you would like to book a stop smoking hypnotherapy session with me please fill out the form to the right. Alternatively you can call me direct on 07848 830182 and we can talk about your situation further.