Hypnotherapy For Phobias & Fears

hypnotherapy for phobias

Phobias and fears are extremely common and hypnotherapy is an excellent intervention to help allieviate them. Fears can be created by the mind over just about anything and these fear responses can be trapped and manifest themselves physiologically, causing great distress to the individual.

Phobias are often more specific and can be directed at certain things or places, such as a fear of flying, spider phobia, height phobia or fear of open spaces. There is no phobia too silly or irrational as a phobic response can be created in the brain over just about anything.

Anytime we don’t feel safe, certain triggers can be activated.

Hypnotherapy can help you deal with your fears and phobias by calming down the part of your brain which governs your fight/ flight responses (which are there to protect you but can sometimes work overtime or fire-off inappropriately). We can work together to diffuse the fear and panic and create new, constructive patterns in the mind which will make you feel safe and in control.

Hypnotherapy for phobias and fears generally works over three sessions (unless there is some more general therapy required first). This can be evaluated at your Free Initial Consultation with me.

If you would like to request a Free Initial Consultation with me to discuss how hypnotherapy for phobias can help you, please fill out the form to the right. Alternatively you can call me direct on 07848 830182 and we can talk about your situation further.