Hypnotherapy For Anxiety

hypnotherapy for anxiety

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for anxiety is very effective at helping clients eliminate or cope with anxiety symptoms. Anxiety comes in many forms, from debiitating panic attacks, heart palpitations and fear through to worrying thoughts and trouble sleeping.

During each hynotherapy session, we can discuss why your symptoms may be occuring and what’s going on in our brains and our bodies when we experience anxiety symptoms. We can look at strategies and tools to help you cope with anxiety. The hypnosis part of the session will help you to diffuse any stress and anxiety and process whatever is going on for you at the moment. You’ll be given a free hypnotherapy CD to use at night to help you sleep and reinforce the work that we do in our sessions together. Most of my clients suffering from anxiety see big changes in how they feel within a few weeks of starting their hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment.

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