How To Clear Karma and Negative Beliefs

compassion key
Something very interesting happens when you consciously embark on a path of shadow work.
It’s a brave path to take.
Not that there’s anything wrong with you. Shadow work is simply deciding to take a look at all the things clogging up your beautiful, perfect Divine light.
That part of you that always shines. The highest, most loving, wisest self.
This is shadow work, not from a negative, gruelling place, but from a place of love.
When we work together, we clear negative beliefs, ancient karma and limiting patterns from a place of love – using the love frequencies.
We take a look at the wounded parts that hold energetic imprints, ancestral patterns and endless, repetitive struggle. We clear them using techniques such as Compassion Key, Intuitive Coaching, and the Hold More Light methods.
My clients receive huge insights into what’s been blocking them when we work intuitively like this. Often they experience miracle breakthroughs in their finances, relationships and sense of self worth within days.
These processes free up energy… because you’ve been using that energy to keep these wounds at bay the whole time, not to mention all the energy you’ve spent on the thoughts endlessly running around your head.
You can use the link below to purchase any number of sessions to use within the next 12 months.
I look forward to helping you free yourself!