Heal Your Wounded Heart

heal your wounded heart
Shamanic wisdom tells us we all have one, or both, of two core fears.

Often these fears are acquired in the womb, or at birth. Sometimes they can be present from a past life imprint, an ancestral tie, or even a collective belief.

And they set up the trajectory for our experiences in life, our relationships with others, our opportunities, our problems.

The first one is abandonment. 

We are scared that we are going to be left to die, rejected, neglected.
We are scared that nobody will care for us when we are at our most vulnerable.

And for many people, including myself and lots of my clients, this is how life starts.

The second fear is a fear of constriction.

We are afraid of being limited. We are afraid of not ever being able to stand in our own power.

We are afraid of somebody else squeezing us and not letting us be who we are, have what we want or express ourselves as we wish. We are essentially afraid of being trapped in a sealed box.

What I have discovered over the years, is that there are many more fears that stem from these.
Things like betrayal, victimhood, sacrifice, loss and disempowerment.

These things sit in our system as wounds and we project them out into our reality, attracting other people that will trigger them.

  • Perhaps you’ve found yourself in damaging relationships over and over again.
  • Perhaps you’ve always had friends that seem to enjoy spreading rumours about you.
  • Perhaps you haven’t been able to put boundaries in place, so your boss always takes advantage of your good nature.
  • Perhaps you are convinced that bad things happen to you instead of allowing good things to happen from you.

I’m opening up a new 1-2-1 programme called Heal Your Wounded Heart.

If what I’m talking about resonates with you, then I invite you to sign up and work with me personally for 12 weeks to heal these wounds on an energetic and karmic level.

The techniques I use overhaul existing belief systems and get to the energetic and karmic cause. We look at when these wounds first started appearing and apply some powerful techniques to clear them.

When you sign up, we will spend a few weeks covering the core fears present when life isn’t working out. These are things that most people carry on some level.  This will clear a good chunk of stuff first, so we can move on to more specific sessions, that apply to your situation, your life experiences and how they show up in your reality. These latter sessions will be moving towards an intention that you’ve set for yourself at the beginning of our work together.

This is ongoing, so there’s no start date. We can work together weekly, fortnightly or even monthly if you prefer.

I work with techniques such as self-directed compassion,  energy healing and intuitive coaching.

You’ll be given meditations and exercises to do in between each of our sessions together.

  • Imagine what your life would be like if you could be rid of the fear of abandonment. What would you be accomplishing, or how would you be showing up differently in relationships?
  • How much more would you trust life and go for your big dreams if you had removed the fear of betrayal from your system?
  • What level of enjoyment would you get from your friendships? 
  • What fun would you be having without carrying all this heaviness around?
I believe that living from a heart-based place, living in the love frequencies is the most natural thing for us, as human beings, to be doing.

 I believe it’s actually an essential part of being human.

I believe we all have the innate ability to be in touch with our heart’s voice, our intuition, energy, and consciousness. It’s just been derailed over the last several thousand of years by fear, control, slavery, scarcity. We’ve collectively believed that these things are reality.

The universe is abundant.

So why are we running around in states of fear and lack? 
Why are we always giving our power away and seeing the opposite of love in our reality?

The answer is that our core wounds and fears are projecting out into reality.

If you would like to get back onto the right track, and move into living from the love frequencies, then please sign up using the link below, or feel free to schedule a discovery call with me first. After you have signed up, please go to the link below and fill out your enrollment form.
I’m really excited about this! It’s powerful stuff. I’ll see you soon.