Every Friday 7pm GMT

free online meditation course

Join me every Friday at 7pm UK time for a free online 30 minute meditation class followed by a group remote healing (optional).

We meet up via Zoom to reflect on the past week, calm our minds, and tune into our energy and Soul’s voice.

In each session we:

  • Actively share some positive things that have happened or progress we have made
  • Do some breathing exercises
  • Do a simple meditation exercise
  • Address what we need to release and what our Soul wants to move us towards
  • Relax and take part in a guided higher self or energy meditation

After the meeting has ended, I conduct a remote healing session for those people that have put their names forward. This does not take place via Zoom and is entirely optional. It is best to lie down somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed after the class and allow yourself to receive. 



I would love you to join us every week so you can see the cumulative benefits of this practice.