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Unwind Six-Week Online Meditation Course

Learn how to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and negative thinking by joining me on this deep-dive adventure into relaxation and the brain.

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A Powerful Six-Week Course

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We will look at what stress, anxiety and negative thinking are and learn practical techniques to help manage them or quieten them down. We will learn breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques, plus you will have a specially created hypnosis track to listen to each night before bed.
I’ll give you a great toolkit to use everyday to keep your stress levels low and to activate during difficult times in your life. If you want to move towards inner peace, less stress and a more positive mindset then this is the course for you.

What we will cover:

Each week we cover new topics in the video lecture and you will have some simple mindset-shifting tasks to complete in your workbook. At the end of the weekly video lecture, you will be given some meditation exercises to practice every day for the rest of the week and a hypnosis audio track to listen to every single night for the duration of the course.

Week 1:

In week one, we learn about our emotional mind, the fear-fight-flight reaction in the brain and certain rain chemicals which can help us or hinder us.

Week 2:

In week two we learn all about meditation. We talk about the physical, mental and emotional benefits and cover the various types of meditation that you can try out.

Week 3:

Week three is all about sleep! We look at the different sleep stages, how they help us process stress and anxiety and figure out how we can get better quality, longer periods of sleep.

Week 4:

In week four we cover exercise and the brain and how we can actually produce new brain cells and happy chemicals.

Week 5:

In week five we look at how we can rewire our brains and create positive, helpful new habits that will contribute to our success.

Week 6:

In this final week we look at what negative thinking is and what it does to us, then we explore how we can think more positively using various easy techniques.