how do you practice gratitude?

Gratitude Immersions

You'll get access to four powerful, relaxing gratitude immersions to help you connect with the energy of gratitude super easily:

  • Gratitude Immersion For Personal Power
  • Gratitude Immersion For Body & Self
  • Gratitude Immersion For Positive Relationships
  • Gratitude Immersion For Stability & Security
ascension symptoms

Ascension Vibration Six Week Course

These six audio meditation classes will help you to raise your vibration and embody some of the the higher emotions - what I call the Soul-State. Integrating these energies is part of the ascension process going on at the moment. Learning to embed these energies of the Soul-State will help you to relax, ease any ascension symptoms and operate from a beautiful heart-based place. Expect joy and flow! The lessons include:

  • Peace
  • Gratitude
  • Confidence
  • Love
  • Joy 
  • Happiness


spirit guide meditation

Meet Your Spirit Guides

We have so much help, guidance and reassurance available to us and inside of us. This set of meditations will get help you to connect with this guidance in a relaxing and safe way. Included meditations are:

  • Meet Your Higher Self
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide
  • Meet Your Teacher Guide