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A fun, uplifting two hour workshop teaching you how to access these higher emotions and shift your energy way up high!

Join author of ‘Gratitude Journal: 100 Days Of Gratitude will Change Your Life’ Natalie Louise Fox for this two hour workshop teaching you how to access powerful higher emotions such as gratitude, love and joy.

Come along for a fun evening and shift your energy upwards! Every participant will be able to grab a free copy of her book. Natalie’s book has been seen on The Huffington Post, Spirit & Destiny Magazine and various blogs across the world.

We will look at how you can shift your mood, your vibration and your thoughts to a more positive place by using meditation, individual and group exercises. When you are feeling really good you can move towards more positive things in your life.

Make some new connections and learn how to shift to a better-feeling place instantly. Book your place now, it’s going to be fun!

All you need to bring is a mat/ cushion/ blanket/ whatever you need to settle in, get comfy and relax 🙂