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Compassion Key Based Karma & Belief Clearings

I used to offer free consultations to new clients. It was an opportunity for my clients to talk about their struggles, and for me to explain what I do and how the processes I use can help them overcome their childhood wounds, karmic imprints, and limiting negative beliefs.
But, because everyone is so, very different, with unique gifts, purpose and needs, I figured it was much easier to show you what I do during a session together instead.
By offering you your first session at a huge discount, you can actually feel the breakthroughs and shifts experientially before you decide whether to enrol in a full 1:1 clearing program.
This is much better than a 20  minute chat!
Depending on your situation, I will use a mix of Compassion Key, Intuitive Coaching and Hold More Light Techniques to help you get to the root cause of your problems and move onto a higher-frequency, way more fulfilling timeline.
To manifest your highest good, you need to be in your highest state; your Soul State.
If you are struggling to manifest the life you want to be living, or you find yourself attracting the same old damaging relationships, failures or hardships, it is because you have a wound, or a trauma sitting somewhere in your system.
This can be subconscious or energetic. It can even be from a past life (yes, this happens).
This wound acts as a lens through which you project your true self through, out into your physical reality, and magnetises ‘evidence’ to prove to you that that reality is the only true thing. Which it is not.
You may even be keeping the old lens around unconsciously, because it brings you something you need.
You can:
a) try to force new beliefs into your system to put a new lens over the old one, which sometimes works if you are … forceful!
b) remove the wound, remove the lens and watch the lower frequencies leave, opening you up to a brand new reality.
I work with clients, using a variety of heart-based techniques, to help you compassionately heal your wounded selves and allow your beautiful light to shine out into the world, as it is supposed to. Your Soul State.
And guess what happens….
Interested in trying a discounted first session with me?