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gratitude journal

Gratitude Meditation

Listen to my most popular meditation to date. Get into the feeling of gratitude by listening to this every day. This is a great exercise to do while you are on your 100 Days Of Gratitude Journey. I hope that you enjoy it. With love

inside your spirit there is joy

The Nature Of Joy

Joy is fundamental. Without joy there is no love, without love there is no life. Joy will keep you up when times are hard. Laugh when you can, laugh when you cant. Inside your spirit there is joy. No one should feel sorry for you,

how do you heal a broken heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart

Ok so Ive been thinking about someone I know and the pain he’s in. The pain of healing a broken heart. The pain of loving someone so desperately that doesn’t love you back. It’s tough. This is what you have to realise. That person is