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Align With Your Best Self – 3 Hour Intensive Breakthrough Coaching

Align With Your Best Self – Intensive Coaching Sessions

3 hours (spread over two weeks) £100


Do you feel like you’re not making much progress with the things you’re passionate about?

Perhaps you would like to come into alignment with your higher purpose?


In your Align Session, we work together to help you overcome your blocks, beliefs and mindsets so that you can:

Find some purposeful direction–guided by your intuition and higher self.

Reach new goals whilst being aligned to your highest good.


I’m an intuitive coach and I can help you uncover your blocks (limiters), reset your beliefs and teach you how to use your energy and inner wisdom to create the outcomes you want.


These Align intensive coaching sessions take the form of one 2-hour session, followed by a 1-hour session a week later. There will be exercises to complete in-between the sessions to make sure you get the most from our time together.


Week One:

  1. I’ll help you identify where you are at right now and uncover where you want to go.

  2. We will look at what is blocking you, your underlying fears, and where you are leaking your precious energy.

  3. We will work on some of your beliefs and life stories that are forming your current reality.

  4. We will find a meditation exercise that’s perfect for you to help you ground and centre.

Week Two:

  1. We reflect on the work we did in the previous session, your exercises and any more insight you have had.

  2. I help you tune into your intuition and higher self to help you make the best, most aligned decisions.

  3. You’ll make an action plan to bring your new creations into form.

If you’re ready for huge, positive change, please book below.

Currently, only £100 for the rest of 2021.

How does it work?

Click the gold button and you’ll be taken to the payment page.

Once your order is confirmed you’ll find a link to my online calender, where you can pick a time that suits you (please note the first session is 2-hours long and the second is 1-hour long). You will need to book both sessions, approximately one week apart.

I will then email you some pre-session questions to answer via Google Forms and your Zoom link to join the session. Please make sure I receive your answers 2 days before our time together.