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Julian Jenkins Interview: How Spirit Can Help You

I went up to Glastonbury to meet Julian Jenkins, a well-respected teacher in the field of mediumship and psychic development.

Julian is author of the book From A Burden To A Blessing, which reflects on the many twists and turns his spiritual path has taken.

His online courses and YouTube channel reach thousands of people all over the world, helping them to develop their psychic abilities and lead happy and more balanced lives.

I wanted to ask him how his connection with spirit has helped him become successful. In this interview we talked about: – God – Spirituality and Spiritualism – Trusting the information you receive from spirit – Ghosts! – What your spirit guides want for you – How to be ‘normal’ and spiritual – How he is being guided to create The Whel Foundation, a centre to help people reconnect to themselves.

To find out more about Julian’s courses and personal mentorship: https://www.julianjenkinsmedium.com/ Buy his book: https://www.julianjenkinsmedium.com/p… To support The Whel Foundation: https://www.julianjenkinsmedium.com/s…

Interview filmed at The Goddess Temple, Glastonbury, UK.

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