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We all have times in our life when we feel that everything we know and love has been taken away from us. Our heart gets broken, a job comes to an end, we have to leave somewhere we love, we are slammed headfirst into poverty.
I’ve had many times in my life when everything was going perfectly, and then I lost it all. I’ve been there, it feels confusing, it’s really, really tough. You feel despair, you feel angry, you might even feel like your life isn’t worth living.
But really… The universe is just putting you exactly where you need to be and getting rid of every illusion, every falsity, everything that’s not aligned with your true self, with your soul. And we can never, ever see it at the time…
Think about this. If everything is stripped away from you then what is left? That is the question that the universe, source, God wants you to answer. So then you can align with your true self, your higher purpose, with who you really are. And if those illusions are present, you can never really know who you are…. We do not need to journey outwards or aquire anything.
Get empty. Get raw. Get open. Get to know that void. and then that void will be filled with who you really are. Get to know your real self, because who you really are is love. And you express that love through joy, through compassion, through excitement, through your soul… Do this work and guess what… your soul is now in your body expressing through you. And you realise that you never really lost anything at all.
Because you were nothing and everything at the same time. And now you are glad that you did not carry on with those things that got stripped away. You are glad that you did not fight to keep them. You are glad that you were never really those things and the pain they caused anyway.
Because all you really are is love, and all you have to do is go within to find it.

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