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Why Your Heart Is The Most Important Thing You Own

For about 20 years, I believed wholeheartedly that my heart was blocked. A, let’s say, less than desirable childhood left all sorts of feelings within me. Feelings of being unloved, unprotected and unworthy of any good whatsoever.

I tried everything and nothing seemed to shift the blocks in my heart. I couldn’t seem to find the right guy, I couldn’t find any fulfilment in my work and I always seemed to attract people that did not have my best intentions at heart. My life was a mess and I believed it was because my heart was blocked.

heart coherence

Your Heart Is Not Blocked

One day I was channelling some information and my guides told me that the heart couldn’t be blocked. I was shocked. I didn’t like it, but I knew it was true. All the years I’d spent searching and healing seemed to be a waste. I also knew this information was going to be pretty controversial. Many people have built entire careers unblocking the heart chakra.

Your heart can’t be blocked because it, along with all your other chakras is one of the main divine components within you. It exists in pure form, pure source, pure love. Your precious heart can generate its own energy and it does so constantly. It naturally creates a field of resonance around it that embodies the energy of divine love.

This energy comes directly from Source and is exactly how it is supposed to be… a veritable powerhouse of unbridled divine energy. The block is your consciousness, the dense energy you hold protecting traumas, memories and negative belief systems. These things gather around the heart but don’t seem to make it in.

Am I Just Splitting Hairs?

Possibly. But it’s an important distinction to make. It is not that your heart chakra is blocked, it is that your consciousness, at the level where it is now, cannot integrate with the beautiful divine energy of the heart.

It’s like a glass of oil and water. They are separate, unintegrated. The oil is not blocking the water, it is just not the same as the water. The water cannot properly enter the oil and the oil cannot properly enter the water.

It is like this with the high-frequency energy of the heart and the denser energy of the consciousness or ego. These heavy loads of pain and suffering cannot enter the heart for the heart to transform it into love, compassion, and forgiveness. But integration is possible, and it’s becoming easier and easier for us to do, particularly at this point in history.

Your Heart Knows Its Field Well

If you’ve never heard of heart coherence, go check it out. The HeartMath Institute has been researching the heart, its energy field, and how to affect it for many years now. It is not just spiritual mumbo jumbo. It is real and it’s tangible and it’s incredibly powerful.

So what is going on?

heart energy

When you think your heart is blocked, you are really just experiencing a misalignment of energy. When something is in alignment with your heart, your heart knows. When something is not in alignment with your heart, there is a jarring of frequencies.

Your heart can detect the things which do not come from an alignment of love. This is what some people call the heart’s intuition. When you know, you know. You just get the feeling that something is off or it’s not right for you. You can figure people out in an instant and those memories and traumas that are not holding the love frequency feel really icky and bad.

Your heart doesn’t need any help to do this. It just happens. But sometimes, we need a little help to recognise this. We try and think our way in or out of situations using our minds alone and we forget that we have this incredible capacity to feel our way in and out of things instead.

Trust me, feeling them is more accurate.

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We Are A Heart-Based Species

Your mind is good at what it is designed to do, but the problem exists when we use the mind for other things.

We are a heart-based species, believe it or not. Why else would we have these innate abilities to navigate through life with our hearts? Why do we feel love, compassion, and humility?

We have forgotten this and it’s time to remember and become predominantly heart-based once again. We are guilty of using the mind when we should have been using the heart.

For thousands of years now, people have been conditioned to live in their minds and not their hearts. People have been conditioned to live in their minds for productivity. When the disconnect between the heart and mind exists, it is often difficult for people to discern the truth, to know what’s right for them.

As the human mind gets controlled, it gets pushed into smaller and smaller boxes. It becomes absorbent like a sponge and readily takes on lower frequencies such as fear, physical pain, and even malignant behavior.

ego vs heart


I’m not a conspiracy theorist by the way, but I do use my heart to feel into the truth. I study the ancient heart teachings, many of which have been lost. You have to look pretty hard to find those that remain. I do this because when you can live by your heart, it opens up a whole world of experience for you, both in terms of healing your life and developing spiritually.

As time has gone on, these heart teachings have not been lived. In fact, sometimes they have been deliberately covered up or scoffed at. The heart energy needs to be lived. It is the frequency that flows through you by which you live.

This is totally different from living by the ego. The ego likes to solve problems with the mind. Then it can excuse, blame and judge itself away. But these problems always come back.

heart based

When you begin to make decisions with your heart, you begin to see a different future. And it’s time to start creating a different future here on planet Earth.

So what decision can you make with your heart today?

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