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Gratitude Prompts

What Do You Write In A Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude is an easy way to get into a good-feeling state once you’re in the flow, but getting started can sometimes be tough. We can sometimes feel overwhelmed when we feel that we need to write lots of new things every day, especially if we are going through a bit of a tough time.

You Don’t Need To Stress

As long as you are generating positive feelings when you are filling out your gratitude journal, and you’re not getting bored, then you can write about the same thing every day if you want. This can often be a good way to get started, rather than stopping your gratitude practice because you’ve come to a standstill. Soon enough, you’ll think of more and more things to be grateful for. Just writing down one seemingly insignificant thing is better than writing nothing at all. Committing to the practice, even on a bad day, is what will bring you positive results.

daily gratitude journal with prompts

Gratitude Prompts

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, here is a list of gratitude prompts. You can also find these at the beginning of Gratitude Journal: 100 Days Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life. 

Home life


Work or job

People you work with




Past experiences

Goals and future desires


Favourite things

Funny conversations

Books you’ve read

Things working out well

Lucky events

People being kind to you



Your body

Your mind

Love (romantic)

Love (emotion/ energy)

The feeling of gratitude itself

Your house


Spiritual practices

People in your neighbourhood


Gifts from the universe

Finding money

Holding someone’s hand

Meaningful conversations

Getting things done

Personal belongings

Things you would like to own

Home comforts

Favourite foods

Your abilities

Past achievements

Things you are achieving now

Beautiful art

Any children in your life

Walks in nature

People thinking of you, e.g. birthdays

Your car, especially if it’s raining!

Finding a new, delicious recipe



Your ability to help others

Your talents



The modern world

Things that have come easily to you

Something that made you laugh today

Something that lifted your spirits today

Comfy bed



Feeling good

Good deeds done

Inspired ideas

New skills

Happy memories

Things that help you earn money


Stars and the night sky

Perfection in nature


Resolved situations 

Have you got some ideas of your own?

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