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Last year, 2020 was a year of chaos. This year will be a consolidation of polarities.

It is part of the process and it is going to happen. It will not be an easy ride for those that do not have the tools available to them to make it easy. It may also be a tricky time for those that do have the tools. Try not to react or get caught up in the chaos.

Chaos eventually destroys itself and you can ground yourself into the energies of peace and stability to transcend it.  

We can think of what is going on as a glass full of muddy water. Last year the glass was picked up and the contents were shaken around. This year the mud will settle, and the water will be clear. The mud will still be here, but it will be easier to see, and so will the water.

There will be much uproar. Many more truths will be disclosed, and many more lies will be told. Protesting does not work if the energetics are off. Even those with the best intentions in the world will do more harm if they do not understand the energetic side of things. Often protesting contributes to the energies of fear, violence, and anger and makes those very things that people are trying to stop even more covert.

Things like racism.




These things are still here, often hidden in plain sight. Although some ground has been gained, they should have been completely eradicated now. But they are not.

Contributing lower energies such as fear and anger to these things means they become more deeply embedded in the roots of the very systems that these people are trying to overturn. The other side pushes back by going DEEPER IN.

Many people will be involved in the uproar because they just want to fight and cause trouble. Many will be involved because they want peace and resolution. Every situation contains a degree of polarity.  And often events play out on sites around the world that are amplifiers of energy.

If you understand how energy works, you have a responsibility to try to change things on an energetic level. For us it is a case of aligning with the energies we want to bring into the world and refusing to accept those energies that we do not want.


Some people go out on the streets protesting.  And some well-meaning people are actually, without realising, creating fear on their various platforms, Facebook, YouTube etc. They do not understand what energy they are creating and projecting.

Awareness is good. Empowerment is good. Fear is not.

Fear is the most profitable industry on the planet.

We have a responsibility to impose better outcomes on our own lives and the lives of others, but great care must be taken in how we do it.

Everything, without exception contains an energetic substrate. And everything, without exception exists within this energetic substrate before it begins to form in our physical reality.
It is our intention, our energy and our actions that shape how these things begin to manifest.

We are energetic caretakers of the planet and it is time to bring in the correct energetics involved with the highest good for humanity. Step away from the chaos and the taking of sides and put your energy into what you want to create for humanity’s highest good. 

New timelines are created through this energetic substrate and thanks to Mr. Maharishi, we know that consciousness can affect the events that play out or don’t play out in the world. Every protest, law suit, political event and so on is a touchpoint for a timeline to come into form and the energy held within it will determine which way the timeline will go.

It is not turning a blind eye as some may think. It is holding a HIGHER ENERGETIC IMPRINT for new and better things to manifest INTO.

When these events occur we can ask that all those that just want to fight or contribute to anger and fear be kept away. We can create a field of love and peace and truth around those who are involved with humanity’s highest good, whatever polarity they appear to be in, and we can send healing and balance back afterwards.

Unfortunately, we cannot stop all of these events from playing out, but we can try to soften the process and intend for the best outcomes. If enough people do this, and do this often, we can start to create a better energetic imprint on the world. It is time to become what we want to see.

NOBODY on the planet is any more powerful than another. It is how and the degree in which they are CONNECTED to their power that creates this illusion.

So this is the year to make wise choices about how you want to do that.

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