Every Goddess Was Once A Priestess

Every Goddess was once a Priestess,

Tending the sacred rituals of her heart,

Leaving pain, leaving ego,

And surrendering to the cycles of time, of life, of love,

Practicing not talents but Divine qualities,

And learning to unlearn and feel instead.

Every Goddess was once a Priestess,

Slow, painful, arduous work,

Was fertile, not futile, And has not been done in vain.

Words by Natalie Louise Fox.

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Natalie Louise Fox is author of Gratitude Journal: 100 Days Of Gratitude Will Change Your Life (available on Amazon and other leading retailers). To find out more about her book, or to sign up to her membership site Divine Light Rising | Courses To Connect You To Your Soul, please head over to https://www.natalielouisefox.com

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