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  • About Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
    About Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Natalie Fox HypnotherapistHello. My name is Natalie Fox and I’m a Psychotherapist and a Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. I aim to help set you free from your problems, build on your strengths and manage your stress and anxiety levels using a combination of some of the most effective modern psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques around. I’m also an author and relaxation class teacher. I’ve written for The Huffington Post and my work has been featured in magazines and blogs online.

I practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) because it’s a powerful technique that helps my clients create change in their lives. I draw on modern neuroscience and the very best elements and theories behind other therapies to empower you and help you grow your confidence and strengths. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a great way of tackling a variety of different issues without delving into any painful past experiences. You’ll be relaxed, calm and feeling more positive at the end of every session we have together.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really is a feel-good, forward-looking therapy which is non-intrusive and many of my clients see improvement in lots of different areas of their lives after just a few weeks.

You can use the form here to book a Free Initial Consultation with me, or simply call 07848 830182 to speak to me direct.

Current Clients:

Please use the Client Area and login with the password given to you at your consultation. Here you can access my hypnotherapy track. This is for you to use on a daily basis to reinforce the work we are doing in our sessions. You can also download useful worksheets and information sheets here (keep checking back as new things are being added all of the time).