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1-2-1 intensive programmes and single sessions to help you clear your beliefs, karma, limitations and reset your frequency to love.

 I use a combination of self-directed compassion techniques and intuitive guidance, along with teaching you how to access the incredible power and wisdom within your heart. 

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Client Testimonials.

“I found Natalie’s sessions were amazing at helping me to clear emotional and spiritual blocks. Natalie creates a really safe space, so the energy work was really strong. I have also come away with some lovely practices to use in my daily practice. Thank you x”
“Natalie has such a calming energy, so it was very easy for me to feel comfortable to open up and allow the clearing that she facilitated. Natalie is able to receive knowledge with ease, allowing her to intuitively know how to direct the sessions in a way that would bring optimal healing and transformation. After my sessions with Natalie, I’ve noticed that my faith has shot up, and I feel empowered to take on my goals with the expectation of success. If you are wanting to positively transform your life, I recommend scheduling a session with her. I appreciate you so much Natalie!”

“My session with Natalie was a-m-a-z-I-n-g! She delivered so many of her skills to the session, bringing about results that even I wasn’t expecting. The value in a session you get with Natalie is worth every moment!
It left me clearer and able to transcend for my highest good… a long time I had been waiting for this moment and Natalie divinely and intuitively guided and uncovered this with me. A great listener and the space she held for me was uber safe. I was able to explore the topics that were coming up for me through the sporadic layers they appeared and it was like putting pieces of my jigsaw puzzle in place-which for me was key as this shifted from my internal to my external reality in a way that played out beautifully and I knew it was because of the work we did. 
I felt extremely comfortable expressing to Natalie. I’m eternally grateful to have soul matched with you. Thank you for the work you do Natalie! 
Much love and blessings.”
The Compassion sessions I have had with Nat have blown me away.
The depth of energetic clearing in a short space of time has been incredible.
Childhood and past life blocks cleared and several light bulb moments to why certain patterns have been reoccurring for me.
These sessions are incredibly powerful and Nats calm and sensitive manner allow you feel safe and held.
I would highly recommend these sessions.

“Natalie is a very intuitive healer, you feel relaxed and know you are in good hands. I have always really enjoyed my sessions with her and she has got deep in what needed to be seen and released. I feel so much lighter and clearer afterwards.

She has a wealth of knowledge in many different areas that she brings together for unique sessions to really shift you. Excellent, highly recommend.”



“I went to see Natalie as I kept experiencing things in my day to day life that were completely different than anything else I had experienced before. It was as though something was opening up for me and relentlessly trying to get through in various subtle ways.

I upped my meditation and other spiritual practices to try and connect as best I could, but felt blocked somehow. The things I was feeling and witnessing were still strong but as before they felt scattered and were proving too difficult for me to piece together with any coherency.  

After I explained this all to Natalie, she knew exactly what was going on and exactly how to access and decipher the energetic information I was trying to be told.

After just one session everything just made so much sense, and I felt so much lighter and fresher, and had clarity like never before. Being connected to spirit is beyond important to me, and I am so over the moon to have found Natalie.

Her wealth of experience, intuition, intellect and incredible gift is just amazing. For anyone looking to deeply connect and understand more of the complexities of spirit, I really can’t recommend Natalie enough.”



“Natalie answered my questions throughout the session , but also allowed for the quiet times within the session to be there.  We ended with a great meditation and I left feeling that something had shifted.

I would highly highly recommend anyone interested in healing to book in with her. I felt amazing after the session and although the session was some weeks ago, the heaviness that was in my throat and heart chakras has lessened considerably.

I have already booked my next session with her and am pleased I have finally found a healer like her. Thank you so much Natalie.”


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